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URI-TEST is a revolutionary new product which assists in the collection of a urine sample in female patients, providing an easier method for the patient while reducing the risk of sample contamination. Each device comes complete with a biodegradable funnel and coupling device, which fits most test tubes utilized by labs today, making collection simpler and more reliable for the patient and the lab. The device not only has clinical advantages, but post-operative and elderly patients can take advantage of the device which allows urine collection in a standing position, decreasing the pain and discomfort associated with sitting or squatting on toilet seats.
In clinical settings, the device provides a simpler and more effective method when obtaining urine samples for analysis and or culture, allowing the patient to void first then collect the specimen midstream. There is no guesswork involved; the female patient can see the amount being voided into the test tube, thereby reducing any chance of spilling or cross contamination of the sample itself or the need to transfer specimen from a collection cup to vacutainer tubes. Because of its design and ease of use, URI-TEST significantly reduces the risk of false positive urinalysis or culture contamination, reducing expenses incurred by labs for repeat testing that may not be covered by third party payers.

Collection Technique Does Matter

Statistics show that some labs have a consistently high rate of contamination when it comes to urine cultures. The median rate is 15% nationwide, with contamination rates ranging from .8% to 41.7%. Studies show that these numbers remain high, regardless of the collection method used. However, out of 160 female patients tested during our pilot study, not one collected sample tested positive for contamination.
URI-TEST has addressed these concerns by eliminating the problems that cause them. Because of the design of URI-TEST, female patients can now – simply and quickly – collect a perfect sample of a Midstream specimen.

How easy is it?

1. Assemble tube and coupling piece; put aside.
2. Cleanse area with castile soap wipe.
3. Place funnel firmly against genital region,
in front of urethra.
4. Begin to void through funnel into toilet (counting to 3), not collecting the first amount. Stop.
5. Connect tube and coupling to funnel; continue to void.
6. Once tube is filled, disconnect, continue to void through funnel into toilet if necessary, then place cap provided on top of tube.
1. Conecte el tubo a la pieza accesoria.
2. Limpie el área
genital con la toallita humeda.
3. Coloque el cono urinario firmemente contra la región genital, frente a la uretra.
4. Comienze a vaciar por entre el cono y deseche en el retrete (contando hasta 3) sin colectar el primer chorrito de orina. Pare.
5. Conecte el tubo y la pieza accesoria al cono urinario y proceda a llenarlo con la muestra de su orina.
6. Una vez llene el tubo, ciérrelo con la tapita provista. De ser necesario, termine de vaciar su vejiga utilizando el cono y apuntando hacia el interior del retrete.

Patient Benefits of Using URI - TEST

Eliminates spilling
Provides a more sanitary method for collecting urine specimens
Reduced risk of contamination means no need to return for multiple tests
Being able to collect the specimen in the standing position is easier for almost every female patient

Provider Benefits of Using URI - TEST

Cost effective
Labs can use their own test tubes which easily fit into the coupling device of the URI-TEST product, providing even more savings
Reduced number of false-positives urinalysis, reducing the need for additional testing
Significantly reduces rate of urine culture contamination
Since the collection process is easier for the patient, there is a reduced need for repeated attempts during the same visit
Avoid purchasing multiple supplies for transfer, such as suctioning straws, collection cups with or without the integrated transfer device
Uri-femme Med-pack, another product of Uritech Corp., consist of twelve urinary funnels arranged in a box stand that will provide not only comfort to the post-operative female patient but will allow for easy mobility and avoid messy bed pans
Another important application is for labs in the collection of 24h urine specimen collection, thereby avoiding the loss of specimen during the collection, due to the multiple transfer of specimen from cup to container providing a more accurate result
All of these products will provide accuracy and savings

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